Nederlandse Vereniging
van Modelbouwers

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The NVM, as the society is known in short, is a general modelling and modelengineering society with about 3000 active members throughout the Netherlands. It was founded in 1943 and publishes the magazine "de Modelbouwer" which appears ten times a year. The magazine contains articles about all aspects of modelbuilding with a strong emphasis on live steam, shipbuilding and building of modelcarts and - coaches, but small scale trains, cars and aeromodelling also have their fixed place in each issue. Since the mid-eighties descriptions of steamlocomotives in various gauges are a permanent feature in the magazine.

Besides the magazine the society runs a selling point for modelbuilding plans and drawings. The catalogues now contain over 2500 different plans which are available for members and non-members. You can order these plans in the Webshop.

Several of the local and regional clubs mentioned in this web-site are associated with the NVM, while the live-steam track at "Stormpolder" in Krimpen aan de IJssel, near Rotterdam, is managed on behalf of the NVM by the associated club "Stormpolder".

An important activity of the NVM in the field of live-steam is the Safety Committee. This committee has drawn up rules for the construction of miniature steamboilers, checks and calculates boiler constructions and its inspectors perform tests of boilers for members of the NVM in close co-operation with the official governmental inspection service.


For subscription including membership:

Administration NVM
PO Box 277 , 7240 AG Lochem , The Netherlands

Subscription to 'de Modelbouwer' outside the Neterlands but within Europe costs € 90,- ; outside Europe € 110,- (by surface mail).

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